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By Krista Avon

5 11 months ago

Thank you

I can’t say enough good things about Augusto and the care he takes to make sure I have the most pleasant experience at the salon. Augusto has been with Hair Xtacy over 20 years and his knowledge and expertise is top notch. I encourage any existing or potential new clients to give him a shot. Hands down the best hair experience I have ever had! His professionalism and “cool under pressure” attitude is hard to come by. I hope Augusto is rewarded for going the extra mile and helping to make this girl feel pretty when leaving his chair.
By Trevor Mcintosh

5 Aug 13, 2021

Best of the best

10/10 experience with Augusto. He clearly is sharp at his craft and goes above and beyond with explaining the type of hair he is working with and how to best manage it. A great experience, very informative

Augusto’s passion for hairstyling is evident in his body of work and his attention to detail. Augusto strives for excellence by keeping himself current and attending multiple cutting and product knowledge classes throughout the year. Outside of the salon his other passions include stream fishing for trout and spending time with family and friends. Augusto’s belief – The simplest things in life bring the most joy.